04 April 2007

35 idea

For the series Digital art in public space: “Street Net-Art”.

This idea proposes to rename all the principal streets (or just an area of the city) with the most explicative Net-Art web address (in an easy way: with printed sheets of paper to glue on the street plate), joining the real world with the “www” into a double psycho-geographic experience.
It’d be better to cover the streets (maybe, comfortably by the taxi) with a pc equipped of wireless device to watch the websites.
Anyway, you’d also walk on the streets watching at the Net-Art web address and subsequently to see the relative websites.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wanted to map out e-structures - those relationships between websites - through cave mapping software.. could the streets of a city provide the same formal requirements ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, obviously. This project aims to carry out around us the net art...

Blogger cualquier.chica said...

i like this idea, is like building a second life out of the internet

Anonymous paracarto said...

the journey of an open art call.

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